The most comfortable mens dress shoes Shopping Tips

When it comes to shopping for men’s footwear, you have a lot of options and variations to choose from. Men’s dress shoes comes in different colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. But the one most important thing you will want to keep in mind while shopping for the perfect dress shoe for that black tie event, board meeting etc. is how comfortable and cozy the shoe feels when worn. Knowing how to spot the ones that will offer nothing but utmost comfort can be a bit tricky, confusing and time-consuming considering the number of options you will have to sort through. If you are one of those seeking advice and guidelines on what factors makes the best pair of comfy dressing shoes for guys, I urge you to continue reading because at the end of perusing this comprehensive shopping guide, you will be enlightened on how amazingly simple and easy it is to shop for these kinds of Men’s shoes.

Go for the ones that have oval or round tips

most comfortable mens dress shoesThe number one core factor you will want to pay close attention to when sorting out dressing shoes that will not make the toes sore and uncomfortable is taking note how their tips are designed. From experience I find the ones with round or oval shaped toe-regions to be more cozy because the oval toe shape of the shoe allows the tote to assume their natural position and not be crammed together in an unrelaxed manner as is the case with the pointy toe region ones.

Shop at the right time

There is time for everything with the apt time for shoe shopping being no exception. When the need to own a new per of leather shoe arises, always endeavor to go shopping for it in the right time. Now, if you are wondering what the right time to go for footwear hunting would be, then let it be known to you that in the evening, at the close of the day’s work is considered the apt time to visit your favorite retail footwear shops and try on some new pairs because it is at that time of the day that your foot has swollen to its maximum size. Trying on new pairs of shoe at that time is ideal as it will ensure that you choose nothing but the perfect fit and sizes for your feet.

The insole

Another factor that determine how comfy and snug a shoe will feel when worn is the nature of the insole in them. Insoles that are soft and made from superior materials will provide the much needed cushion between the ground and our under foot as we walk on the road. With that said, ensure that you feel the insole of the shoe you are interested in buying with your palm to confirm that it is soft, foamy and a bit bouncy before buying. Also, whenever you try on a new pair of shoes, walk around the shop in it for some time to get the feel it on your feet before paying for it.


The number one color for men’s dress shoes is black! You should at least have one or two pairs of a black shoe before going after other colors like brown. Black is considered the best and most sort after color in men’s shoes because of a variety of reasons including the fact that it can go with just about any kind of attire irrespective of the color of the apparel. Not only should your dress match with your shoes, it should also coordinate with your belt as well. Black shoes goes well with dark colored pants like grey, navy or black colors.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. We hope you have picked one or two tips from perusing it. you can find more tips on our article about cheap men’s dress shoes. Don’t hesitate to drop us a comment telling us your own tips on you shop for the most comfortable men’s dress shoes if you have any.